Friday, February 27, 2009

AMY VS Intern #2

First off, I would just Like to say to those who missed last nights meeting missed the best smack down of the century. Amy VS Me, intern #2. Of course I won the epic smack down. But to give you guys a taste of what you missed, here a snippet of what wen down!

Amy: So what do you think of my cookies that I made from SCRATCH! Norman.

Norman: Personally amy, there a little dry and they kinda taste of shit. I can do way better.

Amy: Bitch no you didn't. Don't come up in MY HOUSE, and tell ME how to make a fucking cookie!

Norman: Bitch please, from the way you bake, there is absolutely  no one in this world who can tell you how to make a cookie. Since flour = dirt in your cook book.

Amy: Your face looks like dirt blacky.

Norman: Nigga please! you better step off, Or i'll cut you with your own hard jagged ass cookie. These things should be illegal. 

Amy: Fuck you! Your cookies are so bad when your momma ate one she realized that hey, cancer isn't so bad after all.

Norman:  Oh no HO! Your cookies are so bad that santa had to lick Rudolph's ass to get the taste of your nasty ass cookies out of his mouth!

Amy: Nigga Your cookies are so bad, the keebler elves had to put a hit out on you for giving cookies a bad name! 

Norman: Cracka! YOUR Cookies are so bad, jesus took them as a signal to start the rapture! Thus bringing about the apocalypse! You destroyed the WORLD BITCH!

And the smack down went on for hours. Eventually T and Jim
 had to hold us back and sedate us. So Amy and i decided to have a cookie battle, held next friday, JIMS PLACE! BE THERE! Also T's making peanut butter ice cream. HE PROMISED!

On another note, Amy and I decided to put our differences aside and tackle a project that eclipsed our cookie issue. JIMS CLOSET! For those of you who haven't seen it Please look at the picture above. By the time we found oscar beneath all the clothes, he was already dead. Been dead for a while. The look of utter fear that was on his face was, just to much to bare... So if you could, please bend your head down and spare a moment for Oscar... All he wanted was a friend you know. He thought he saw it in Jim's eyes but, no. Just pain. Pain and suffering. For shame Jim, for shame.

Jim, if you don't want me to shame you again then keep your room clean!

Anyways, its relatively clean now. And so is the hallway closet near the front door. Took me hours. The office closet is my next project. And to tell you the truth, I'm a little scared. But I know, that with truth and justice, I will prevail. 

So in closing Kyle and Jessica Rice can go shove it, i revoke your intern Numbers. Aaaaand Here is a picture of Lana & Erik Estrada,working together at last.
P.S. they are both mexican.

This is what you get for slacking off and not show up for meetings Lana. SHAAAAAME! 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Misfitting Su su Secretsss!

Jim was born in pieces and delivered in the mail over the span of 9 months. His heart was replaced with the heart of a pig because the delivery of his original heart was shipped overseas and detained in customs. His mum panicked and picked up a pig heart from craigslist and seconds after the final surgery, his original heart was delivered. The whereabouts of his original heart is not known, but some only hypothesize that he keeps it in his sock drawer.

T has OCD. When he sneezes, he has to clap for himself until he feels the germs exiting his body have all been captured and absorbed in his hands, as to not risk the loss of any creative bugs...

These are 2 correct statements.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where are my titles?

Dear lana,

I read your post about me, or should i say YOU read your post to me? Well let me just tell you, Yes, I don't like boobs and I'm an awesome editor. Which you did state already.

But here is an update! Last friday I helped film the second round of commentary with Jim and T. And let me tell you, apparently everyone loves NUTS! Not just one type of nut, but all kinds of nuts, I mean, everyone could not keep those salty nuts out of there mouths. It was truly a sight to see. And yes i did get it on tape. The only person whose lips barely touched the skin of those salty nuts was T! But thats because he's married.

Lana Bear!
If you look on the screen above, you will see a pic of the great screen actress Lana in her oscar worthy role in the short, "Dearest Brother". Of course it wasn't done in time to be submitted to the oscars because the titles aren't done! Sorry Lana, you'll never get that golden man if you keep procrastinating and eating like you are in this picture that you can see to your right.

Where are my titles Lana, Where are they?

Love intern #2

Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet Intern #2- The Intern We Love To Hate

This intern is our favorite intern to hate... intern number 2. Norman Trotter the Fourth. Don't let his cute little canary scarf fool you folks. He is vicious. Vicious like a pirate, but mushy inside. Mushy like sweet fields of bon bons in your mouth... Oh that Norman. Trust me, when something goes wrong, 10 out of 10, it was that Norman Trotter...

However, he does happen to have skills that no other intern possess. He can dance like a queen, but that's not his best feature... He is amazing at editing here at Misfit. My god! What a magician. He has been recently working on a project called Boobs. Tee Hee. Boobs. Norman, you don't like boobs. IRONY!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Dearest Intern#1-4

Today, Saturday, February 07th 2009 1:34pm, 4 members of the Carbuncle cast ate our intern snacks. When I told them it was the only thing we had, they laughed in my face. Let it be known that intern #5 did her best to stop the snack ransacking munching fest, but was not strong enough to defeat the army of 4...

Forgive me friends.


Friday, February 6, 2009

The Interns Have Spoken

So you're a misfit fan huh? I suppose that's why you are here. You are lonely and bored and want to know the life of the interns who slave away at misfit for the price of tasty treats and sometimes a casual high five. Well my friend, think of slaves working in a cotton field with their bare hands against the abrasive and prickling thorns ripping their flesh from the bone and then picture a misfit intern. Picture little Asian children diligently working in small spaces with no room to breathe nor windows working non stop from dusk til dawn with no breaks or food having to crap their own pants in order to maintain high productivity, and then picture a misfit intern. Then finally, picture an abusive husband (or wife) that watches over your shoulder and mouth breathes to let you know that he/she is watching you're every move controlling everything you do or else... then yes, picture a misfit intern.

I might be exaggerating just a bit... The treats aren't always tasty, but the high fives are frequent and fantastic. They really don't beat us here, but I'm pretty sure they are reading these blogs... Hi Jim and T! Love the treats.



The point of clicking on yet another misfit link is to follow (through the eyes of the interns) the progress of misfit and behind the scene drama that keeps this company alive.

You're in for a treat...

Please Enjoy.

Yours Truly,
Intern #5. (we don't have names here)

This is just Jim's example he leaves out for us interns...