Friday, March 6, 2009

The Results Are In...

Bake off Friday turned out to be awesome.  The catty attitudes of Amy and Norman filled every corner of Misfit Studios.  It started with Norman baking first.  To the table he brought the old fashion chocolate chip cookie.  The sweet smell of Norman and his delicious treats and his cookies were all we could smell all day.  The oven timer beeps and we start to inhale cookies.  We were swearing off Mrs. Fields with crumbs spitting from our faces.  Norman's cookies were sooo good it made T. drool.  My juices from my noise started leaking and I knew these cookies were going to be tough to beat.  

Amy steps into the ring, well actually, the kitchen.  She had her competitive face on and didn't even break a sweat.  She pops in the cookies with a confident smile and glares over at Norman.  

"Fuck you Norman."  Her language appalls us.  She is a feisty little one. 

Her cookies made us fly like magical ponies.  One bite into them and hints of orange grind exploded into our palettes.  Amy was a tough contender, but in the end, Norman takes the cake.  I'm sorry that was gay... but so is Norman so I guess gay is okay.

Norman, Misfit salutes you.  You are the cookie queen of this studio.